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1516 West Court Street

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Property Overview

1516 West Court Street was constructed with 1519 W Hamilton Street in 1908. The property originally served as the Shimer’s Carriage House and was later converted to residences by the Shimer’s ancestors in the 1970’s. The property was split from the main residence in 1991, and was later purchased to be reunited with the main property by Jaindl Properties in 2014.

1516 West Court Street presented a new style to the Jaindl Properties portfolio: the mix of vintage living styles and barn-esque rafters created a unique opportunity to vary the company’s style. Since it’s original purchase the property was stabilized and Howard Kulp Architects has designed a hybrid style that embraces the time period while restoring the property to modern luxury standards.

1516 West Court is being restored as additional office space for Jaindl Enterprises headquarters. For more information on the building, contact us here.

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