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Jaindl History

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Entrepreneurs at Heart

The Jaindl family began their business journey with the proprietorship of a small restaurant along Walbert Avenue in Allentown, The Stone Tavern in the late 1920’s. In order to fulfill growing customer demand, the Jaindl’s worked hard to provide even more poultry and meats to satisfy growing local interest. In 1933, father-son team, John and Fred Jaindl began raising turkeys to provide for their restaurant, the business quickly expanded after that.

Frederick John Jaindl, patriarch John Jandl’s son, started his full-time career in the family business in 1945 at the age of 18. His goal was to expand the farming side of the business, and in the process established a real estate acumen that continued to develop through future generations.

In 1954 the Jaindl Turkey won the Grand Champion title at the National Turkey Federation Competition. From then on Jaindl Turkeys served the First Family each Thanksgiving since the Eisenhower Administration.

Within a few short years, Fred grew the business from 2,000 turkeys per year to over 200,000.

Once the turkey business became strongly established, Fred grew increasingly engaged in Lehigh Valley real estate, shortly after he began The Jaindl Land Company. Fred’s first land deal involved 16 acres along Cedar Crest Boulevard near the original site of Jaindl Farms. After some negotiation, the land was then sold to Murray Goodman, who later developed the site and built what is now Cedar Crest Plaza.

Family Comes First

As Fred’s companies grew so did his family. Fred and Anne (Née Fix) married and had eight children. They taught their children the importance of honesty, integrity, and hard work in the business world while always emphasizing that family came first.

Fred’s son, Mark Jaindl, entered the Lehigh Valley business landscape in banking and real estate. Years later Mark’s son Zachary Jaindl, also joined the real estate path. Soon after Zachary graduated college both paired to establish Jaindl Properties.

Today, Mark and Zachary consolidated their business acumen under the corporate title, Jaindl Enterprises. Their motivation is to continue to advance the Lehigh Valley with the redevelopment of underutilized urban spaces, protect the area’s heritage with historic property renovations, and overall advance the quality of the Lehigh Valley for future generations to appreciate.

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