Jaindl Enterprises Hosts “2015 President’s Roundtable”

Jaindl Enterprises is proud to have been a part of another successful event! Yesterday, we co-hosted the President’s Roundtable with the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and in a short span of time, covered our primary portfolio of projects, including The Shimer Building, The Lehigh Valley Trust Building and mainly focusing on our riverside development, The Waterfront.

In any President’s Roundtable event, The Chamber asks leader’s of the chosen company to discuss their entity and some of its current projects. First, attendees were able to tour the Shimer Estate, our company headquarters, and the first project to ever be in the company portfolio. Soon after, the group departed downtown to for lunch to The Lehigh Valley Trust Building. This historic bank, soon to be a premiere events venue named Vault 634, is in the beginning stages of a modern upgrade. While it has already been restored, Jaindl Properties plans to outfit the building with modern amenities and a few structural changes to cater to the standards of today’s high-class venues.

While at The Trust Building, guests listened on as one of the principals of The Waterfront, Zachary Jaindl, took them on a run through of the final stop of the day, The Waterfront. Guests were then shuttled to the actual site of The Waterfront where they were able to apply the vision described in the presentation to the physical layout of the land. As everyone took in the river views, the principals and The Waterfront’s new Leasing Director, Lynn Conti, answered a variety of questions from attendants.

With the help of Miriam Huertas and Lorie Reinhart of Allentown’s Chamber of Commerce, this President’s Roundtable was a true success and we’re so pleased to have had the chance to showcase our projects to the attentive and inquisitive crowd! Thank you!