Company Overview

Jaindl Properties was founded in 2011 when Mark and Zachary Jaindl formed a business plan around the promotion of smart growth through the conservation and reuse of many of the Lehigh Valley’s historic sites while preventing urban sprawl through responsible development practices. The father-and-son team had always had an appreciation for architecture, and when one of the key locations along Allentown’s former “Millionaire’s Row” became available, they were quick to move.

The Shimer Building was one of their earlier renovation jobs: the project allowed them to self-critique and enhance their process, eventually streamlining how they renovated properties while their decades of real estate experience allowed them to determine the proper reuse through thorough market analysis. It became evident that the properties that began as a hobby worked in conjunction with the market’s demand for historically unique space. Jaindl Properties quickly grew, acquiring a series of old mansions and properties throughout the West Park District in Allentown, and then worked their investment strategy through center city and ultimately the upcoming Riverside District.

Jaindl Properties Today

Today Jaindl Properties has grown exponentially: a firm that started with just two employees and a passion for historic architecture has grown into a multi-faceted real estate development and management company. With buildings ranging from Allentown’s west side (The Jaindl Building), our historic properties in West Park, the Lehigh Valley Trust Building in center city and the entire mixed-use development, The Waterfront, along the western banks of the Lehigh River in Allentown, the Jaindl Properties portfolio can accommodate any of our current and potential customer needs.

Our team of dedicated professionals prides itself on identifying up-and-coming regions of the Lehigh Valley, and through our process, restoring life to many historic properties and locations that have lost their energy throughout the years. We are continuing to work everyday on bringing new life and new opportunities to the Lehigh Valley. Jaindl Properties continues to work everyday to bring new life and new opportunities to the Lehigh Valley.